A Spring Poem

Spring is rapidly approaching and that means the garden is about to come to life.

If you are thinking of doing changes whether they are large or small, or even if you want to titivate the outside room to make it more presentable, Ground Designs is the one to get that outside space looking pristine.

This is the best time of year to prepare your garden space for the coming Spring and Summer, contact us to arrange for one of our friendly Landscapers or Gardeners to come and show how cost effective we are.

The air is cool, the breeze is light.
The clouds in the sky are fluffy and white.

The flowers open to show their bright faces,
as the garden snail alongside paces.

The trees unfold their bright green leaves.
The spider a silken web she weaves.

The birds sing their notes high and clear.
Cheer up! Cheer up! Spring is here!
Poem by Teresa Underwood

landscaping-garden2Landscaping, Paving and Gardening are what we do. Being based in Wigan means we are in easy reach of St. Helens, Warrington, Leigh, Chorley, Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and beyond.

Ground Designs Landscapers and Gardeners Wigan are an established reputable and professional company that puts our customers first.

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